Number 04
January 22nd, 2009


I put some weight back on
I got some sun on my skin
I got up early enough
To make the kids something
I even walked
Them to the bus stop
I even talked
To the passing cop
And as she drove by she smiled
And I smiled at her

I lived a nightmare out
Like a prisoner in the dark
I have a husband who did not run
Somehow I didn't kill my heart
I know about
Covering your tracks
I know the route
To hell and back
But the morning sun
Is rising on me

And I see tomorrows
Rows and rows of tomorrows
Like a garden of flowers
Fed by the rain
I'm burying my pain
In my tomorrows

Swing set
Hear my babies laughing
So hard
Who knew
Tomorrows grew
So heavy on the vine

I put some weight back on
I bought a new outfit
I talked to my neighbor at the mailbox
She didn't mind a bit
I got a new prayer
For the bedtime
A little family there
That seems to be still mine
And I am theirs again