Number 13
March 26th, 2009

Jenny Stiles

I followed you down these halls
Where people groan, people call
Begging for a single touch
I watch them twice as much

So very young, I would not guess
So deep in soul and gentleness
I followed right through the door
And bravely sang this troubadour

The heartsick, the lonely
You gave them your smile
You did not once fail them
Jenny, Jenny Stiles

The conversations that we had
About my Mom, about your Dad
I chased your dog across the yard
On a day so clean, so blue and hard

You lined up the wheelchairs
You knelt in the aisles
You loved the unlovely
Jenny, Jenny Stiles

I visited your town again
Inquiring of my gentle Jen
The words return such pain to me
You're ever gone, suddenly

I chase the tears, and yet they come
I song for you is on my tongue
So I sing this quiet prayer
Gentle one so young and fair

Songs by the hundreds
So many the miles
But I'll not forget you
Jenny, Jenny Stiles