Number 29
July 16th, 2009

Steady Man (Strong) Hersch/Brown

There's a tool to fix whatever's broken
Held in a sure and steady hand
And the right word at the right time to be spoken
To make you feel someone understands

There's a smile that needs no explanation
A smile as warm as the July sun

A way to stand like the granite in these hills
Moments in your hand become a life that you build
Strong until your work is done
Strong until your work is done

Now the wind sings through the Ponderosas
Carries your ashes with the breeze
Somehow I've never felt closer
Walking with you in this life I lead

There's a gift you gave me without knowing
A gift with every day it's showing

Taking time for stopping, a reason to be walking
Leaving time to listen when someone else is talking
Quiet in your teaching
Quiet in your wisdom
Strong until your work is done