Number Three, January 19th, 2012

First Times

I learned my first chord in the front yard
They showed me where my fingers go
Learned to play my first song in my room
Listening hard to the radio
I wrote my first words to my first song
When a girl took my breath away
And I found I could say for the first time
Just what I wanted to say

I took a road trip for the first time
All the way to Nashville, Tennessee
Sliding right through a Wisconsin snow storm
My Dad's car, my guitar and me
I sang my songs for the first time
In an office on 16th avenue
Billy Bob smiled, said he liked my style
Nothing he heard that he could use

Something about the first time, never be the same
The world spins different when what you love... calls your name

Then I sang to my daughter for the first time
That afternoon she was born
And I showed my boy my old guitar
How to play an E minor chord
And I felt that magic like the first time
Same as it happened way back when
That's when I knew that dreams come true
And music has me dreaming again

I'm missing those first times, but that's OK
Life will bring those first times… back again someday