Number Four, January 26th, 2012

Trust Enough

Down comes the lie of a perfect life
Down the mirage of the mighty man
Down the illusion of never losing
No one really gets to live like that
We want to believe in the perfect life
We want to buy it anywhere we can
We want to trust what's going to turn to dust
But know one knows... no one can

But oh…
We can trust enough to build it back up
And oh…
We can trust enough to help each other up

Such a time of so many voices
Such a time of so many claims
And promises made no one could keep
Drowning in the noise of who's to blame
But that's not what's in our hearts
I don't think that's what we hunger for
We have the tools in our hands right now
To build something - not perfection
To build something - not an illusion
To build something that's worth so much more