Number Thirteen, March 29th, 2012

Goodbye Family Dog

Goodbye family dog
Goodbye family friend
Goodbye faithful one
True companion
We miss you family dog
Dog of 14 years
So many days for laughing
But this is one for tears

You never cared for tricks
You never cared to fetch
You never learned a squirrel was
Something you would never catch
Your joy never failed
When we'd walked in the door
We loved you…
You loved us more

You learned the boundaries
You learned the mailman too
You figured out there would be a biscuit
In his free hand for you
And every afternoon a nap
Where the sun would hit the floor
We loved you…
You loved us more

This house has gone so still
In the spring time of the year
I keep seeing you in the corner of my eye
Forgetting you're not here
You filled the empty spot
We didn't even know was there
I imagine you're in a
Sunny spot somewhere

So goodbye family dog…