Number Nineteen, May 10th, 2012

No Ready Reply

Someone asked me today why I was smiling
I had no ready reply
I guess that means that something's changed
Something's different in my life

Cause I've had my share of, Taking wrong turns
Picking myself off the ground
Doing my damage, Making my getaway
Trouble always to be found

I remember my darkest days
I remember my wandering ways
I came awake and I'll tell you what I find
It's a beautiful life for me
It was there all the time

I like to walk the road down by the river now
On an early Sunday morning
I feel the joy in me, the songs that sing in me
How can I keep from singing

I have an apple tree, I named it Jesus Christ
And a garden of my own
A place for planting, a place for sun and rain
To watch the good things that I've grown