Number Twenty, May 17th, 2012

The Garden

Time to pack up our life
Time to move again
Time to remember
Where we've been
Seems we just arrived
With our plans and piles
Of high school sweatshirts and freshman smiles

Rocks along the lakefront
Good place to sit and dream
Concrete and asphalt
Little patch of green
We found the garden
In every one of these
Uncovered the poetry

We stood witness
To beauty and the bone
The midnight madness
We faced alone
We shed our snake skin
Of what we were
Felt the passion in us stir

Here's to the terrace
Here's to Capitol square
Here's to the bum on State Street
You gave your sweatshirt to wear
Here's to Abe Lincoln
Up on Bascom Hill
Never lied to us, and he never will