Number Twenty Nine, July 19th, 2012

Drought of 2012

Heat is on the mountain
And the valley below
Cracked and dry the riverbed
Where the water used to flow
Corn stalks empty
Not an ear to be found
Angry sun rips every drop
Of water from the ground
Fortunes lay in ruin
Still in their shell
In the drought of 2012

Cottonwoods are dying
Grass has turned to straw
The kill line is rising
Only snakes hide in the draw
Fire in the pasture
And out in the grain
The farmer fears for any spark
Prays for the rain
Fortunes lay in ruin
See right where they fell
In the drought of 2012

Shacks and barns and cabins
Built so long ago
Ghosts of broken dreams
Where the tumbleweeds will blow
Who commands the heavens
Provide us what we need
Who measures hope
Planted with the seed
Fortunes lay in ruin
Only bones can tell
About the drought of 2012