Number Thirty Two, August 9th, 2012

Oak Tree On the Hill

There is an oak tree over the meadow
With a crown so green and wide
And on a hot summer day
There's cool in the shade
That oak tree will provide
As I walk up the hill past the meadow
In the swelter of the day
Lord, I see your love for me
That shelters me this way

When the sun is angry from morning till night
And the air is heavy and still
I know mercy waits for me
Under that oak tree on the hill

Now I know the rains are coming
And the fields will green again
But the driest times
Are when we find
The shelter of our friend
A friend that never fails you
And just like that old oak tree
There's shade on high from the fiery sky
Beneath this canopy

When the season's turning
The branches shed their leaves
And all my days are counted
Then my friend, my soul receives
You may hear the whisper
From the branches on the hill
It's the music of amazing love
And I find my shelter still