Number Forty Eight, November 29th, 2012

Alta Sing

Alta sing
Don't change a thing - I'll follow you
Sing for love
Like a lover does and I will too

Sadie laugh
Your autograph on me remains
So beautifully
You're teaching me how we all change

Beulah's eyes
Reflect the skies of Caroline
She'll take you home
To morning glories in her mind

I have these
Reminding me what I'll become
So let it be
This family tree I'm hanging from

But you and me
We don't even know ourselves
We hide
The best in us to anyone else

We can't admit
How alone we feel
It's not us
It's just what we steal

Alta sing
Don't change a thing - I'll sing with you
Sadie laugh
Bring me back, get me through

There's carolina skies
In the blue of Beulah Storie's eyes